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Lambre ZEN Supreme correction spf 15 - day cream for mature skin

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ZEN Supreme correction spf 15 - a cream designed Lambre specialists for daytime use. The product is intended for mature skin type that needs a quick recovery.

The effect of using a day cream ZEN Supreme correction spf 15 from Lambre:

  • Activation of regenerative processes and stimulating the formation of new cells.
  • Restoration of the density of the skin and increase its elasticity.
  • Correction of facial contours with the maximum effect of rejuvenation.
  • Moisturize the epidermis, by delaying moisture in the very deep layers of it.
  • Providing protection against UV rays.

The active ingredients day cream ZEN Supreme correction spf 15 from Lambre:

  • ReGeniStem Red Rice;
  • Argireline;
  • Tsubaki Oil;
  • Shea Butter;
  • Phytoskwalan;
  • The extract from the lotus flower;
  • Leuphasyl.

Cream application: before resorting to the use of ZEN Supreme correction spf 15 from Lambre recommended to use the facilities for cleaning the epidermis. Applying the product to the skin should be massaged in the morning.

Volume: 50 ml.


Type of Cream: 
For Face
Antiage, Nourish
Тип кожи: 
Жирная, Комбинированная, Нормальная, Проблемная, Сухая, Чувствительная
Series of Creams: 
Возраст (диапазон): 
From 45 years
Daily cream


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Мама использует серию зен в теплое время года. Крем лёгкий, не жирный, нет пленки. В комплекте ещё наносит сыворотку витамин с. Можно наносить утром под тоналку. На зиму я беру ей с черной икрой и сыворотки люкс.