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Lambre no19 - Noa Cacharel

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Perfume Lambre no19 or Noa from Cacharel (year of manufacture 1998) - is one of the most delicate flavors. Lovely Noah - a symbolic foundation of perfume Lambre 19. In our modern world anyway are people who hold sacred the memory of the origins of life, star dust, the beginning of all beginnings - the universe. Noah, is taken from the biblical image of Noah - the personification of wisdom and light, or rather the lumen in the darkness of the unknown, of purity and serenity. We are trying to show that we can change something in our lives, and close to us humans, if applicable to this effort, diligence, and of course faith. Scents Lambre 19 is ideal for day visits or pastime in the evening.

Perfume refers to woody, musky and floral family. Delicate, light and very pleasant. True, some find the smell weak, due to the low severity and low loop resistance. The predominant notes are musk, peony, coffee, lily, vanilla, freesia, sandalwood, coriander, frankincense, jasmine. Despite its lightness, in the opinion of the majority it is ideal for any season, but certainly still has the advantage in the warm time of year, especially in spring, when everything wakes up, including animal instincts. More suitable for daily application.

  • Characteristics: gentle, languorous, exciting, magical.
  • Basic chords: green, bergamot, peony, lily, carnation.
  • Heart: peony, coffee, jasmine, coriander.
  • The final sound: musk, sandal, moss.

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#19 -20 мл. Аромат взагалі не той, що в пробнічку, має якийсь сторонній запах (технічний, наче розбавник для фарби)

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Не стойкий. Но красивее оригинала ноа который с жемчужиной. Один из парфюмов ламбре который по прежнему пахнет хорошо. Номер5 уже не тот..воняет чем то

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Ваш отзыв прекрасен и точен!

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Отличный аналог Ноа! Вариация с жемчугом.