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Lambre no5 - Hugo Woman Hugo Boss

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Perfume Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss (year of manufacture 1997) or Lambre no5 is a breath of freshness, dynamics, a mixture of fruits, citrus and greenery. Lambre №5 for the business, internally free and confident woman, diplomat and entrepreneur. Scents Lambre no5 - this is freedom of speech, freedom of thought... freedom of the weak half of humanity! For the ladies there are no boundaries and inhibitions. If you have the desire to present a gift to his beloved, but you are not sure that will be able to choose the right and do not know where to start discovering the flavor now Lambre - Lambre no5 created for you. He leaves no one indifferent girl and will be enjoyed by each and every! Ideal for any time of day and occasion. This universal spirits, with whom you can go to a business meeting, business meeting, on a date or just to the store to shop. Suitable for all thiel clothing - from classic to sophisticated dresses tracksuit. Preferred for the warm season from March to November.

Unsurpassed in popularity classic fragrance. It smells like a business lady. However, he is so versatile that miraculously like everyone. Ideal for a working meeting, and for the trip to the store to shop, ie It will be in the style of a strict dress and tracksuits. Owners of this perfume are its floral-fruity, with a predominance of notes of melon, apple, peach and hyacinth. Girls are wearing the appropriate scent is mainly in the summer and spring, ie, in the warm season, mainly during the day. Flex is classified as a medium of weakness, resistance is also average.

  • Characteristics: fresh, clean, flying, feminine, innovative.
  • Basic chords: green apple, papaya flower, black currant, peach.
  • Heart note: jasmine, water hyacinth, lily, orris root.
  • Stub sound: sandalwood, cedar, vanilla.

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Купила в 2019 году аромат № 5 в новой упаковке, но аромат совсем не тот, что был ранее. С данным ароматом познакомилась в 2005 году и была им просто очарована. Последняя покупка оставила неприятный осадок, аромат сильно отличаетсяот предыдущего, как небо от земли. С чем связано такое изменение аромата?

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Любимый парфюм во все века)

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Любимые всесезонные духи

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Яблока не слышу, но как цветочный хороший аромат.

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Сейчас он пахнет цветами, а не яблоками. Раньше был гораздо лучше.