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Primer Lambre

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Праймер Ламбре - Supreme Primer Make-Up Base
Праймер Ламбре - Supreme Primer Make-Up Base
292,38 грн
248,52 грн

Primer - a cosmetic product that performs the database function for make-up. With it will be possible to organize a competent proof make-up, except for a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the skin!

The effects from the use of a primer Lambre:

  1. Fixes make-up. Reliable fixation of decorative cosmetics allows to resort to the use of fewer tonal framework, which will provide more natural.
  2. Aligns relief. Primer from Lambre smooth out small defects, as well as narrow the pores.
  3. Matting the skin, preventing the color change applied makeup.
  4. It provides protection. On the skin surface with the primer coating a thin film that prevents cosmetic product to penetrate into the pores.
  5. Smooths. This effect is achieved by becoming a part of silicone microspheres.

Recommendations for applying primer Lambre

  • Using the primer mix should also Lambre matting tonal basis! This will help to more effectively cope with the fat shine on the skin.
  • To ensure the smoothness and evenness of tone should be carefully feather the primer on the surface of the face.
  • Application of cosmetic products from Lambre should be done with your fingers or using a synthetic brush. You can also resort to using aerogrofa.
  • The applied base should fully absorb into the skin, and only then you can apply concealer. Otherwise, the next layer of makeup will link to slide.

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Маст хев! Нивелирует поверхность лица отлично. Не сковывает и не липкий абсолютно!

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Расход большой. Заявленные свойства выполняет.

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Чудо средство. Расход правда большой, а баночка маленькая. Макияж не дешёвый получается. Качеством довольна. Работает как заявлено производителем.