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Pressed shadows Lambre

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Матовые тени Ламбре №4 (сапфир)
Матовые тени Ламбре №4 (сапфир)
190,53 грн
130,50 грн
Прессованные тени Ламбре

Matt (satin) mono eyeshadow Lambre:

  • Glamour Satin Matt Effect Eye Shadow Lambre (4 g)

Matte or satin or satin mono eyeshadow palette issued in the form of different colors, for all eye colors, from light blue to brown is burning. With their aid creates flawless makeup for any occasion, from everyday business day prior to the festive event.

Used for technology implementation makeup «smoky eyes». Carried throughout the day. Sold in individual packaging. The package in the presence of double-sided applicator that is included in the price.

Special properties of matte shadows «Glamour Satin Matt Effect Eye Shadow»:

  • Beautiful palette.
  • Ability to combine the shadows because of their mono layout.
  • Matte velvet tone and texture.
  • Provides a rich tone even with a light application.
  • Do not fall off and roll in the corners and folds.
Прессованные тени Ламбре

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