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Lambre no23 - D&G Light Blue Dolce Gabbana

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Perfume Lambre no23 or D&G Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana (year of manufacture 2001), as if a reminder of the freshness of the breeze, warm ray of sunshine. Lambre 23 helps you go back, at least mentally to partaking of smell, on the shore of the mediterranean and feel the beauty of the sea coast, summer, warmth, coolness in the shade of palm trees, feel the trends of citrus and other fruit overseas.

Pronounced citrus notes are present in the aroma, in particular lemon, it is harmoniously complemented by a green apple, cedar, bamboo, bell, musk. Perfume created exclusively for use in the warmer months, especially in the summer during the day. According to women, opt for these spirits are not very stable and unexpressed train, which makes them easy to use even on the hottest summer day.

  • Feature: clean, simple, timid, languid, exciting, charming.
  • Start: freshness, bell, grapefruit, apple, lime.
  • Heart: rose, peony, jasmine, bamboo, freesia.
  • The final sound: cedar, musk, sandal, amber.

Lambre no23 eau de parfum vaporisateur naturel ingredients: aqua, alcohol, parfum (Limonene, Citral, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol, Cinnamal).

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Вітаємо! Наборів вже давно нема.

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Доброго вечора. Скажіть будь ласка чи будуть в продажі набі №23

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Достойная копия Дольче Габана Лайт Блу. Вначале чуть спирт ощущается больше чем нужно, но это мелочи. Главное есть нотное раскрытие и стойкость.

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Спасибо за конструктивное замечание, учтем обязательно!

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Ну а где вы на этом акцентируете внимание? Пишите в описании тогда!