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Bronzer Lambre

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Бронзер Ламбре (матовый)
Бронзер Ламбре (матовый)
596,72 грн

Bronzer from Lambre:

  • Contour fase pressed powder Lambre (9 г)

Bronzer - an attribute that is used in cosmetics to make the skin surface tan shade. Powder bronzer from Lambre - is the easiest way to add three-dimensional facial skin surface and shine!

Bronzer in Lambre catalog:

  • «MAT» - matt
  • «GLOW» - with the effect of radiance

For whom is suitable bronzer from Lambre

Matte finish designed for use on oily or combination skin surface, as well as to create a complete makeover! This bronzer helps hide wrinkles and create a natural shade of the face (especially for owners of blond hair).

Bronzer Lambre with a touch of radiance - a great choice for summer use! It is recommended to apply the owner of a dry or normal skin.

Efficiency bronzer from Lambre

  1. Darkening of the skin.
  2. The visual decrease in individual party sites.
  3. Apart makeup accents (contouring).
  4. Giving effect to light tan.

Rules applying bronzer from Lambre:

  1. Consider the shape of the face. For round, square, triangular and oblong face deposition technique will be different!
  2. Application should be carried out using a large brush to evenly distribute (to prevent staining)!
  3. Do not apply a makeup to the entire face - it will distort the naturalness of makeup!
  4. Combine with bronzer blush from Lambre. The most relevant are shades of blush pink (add radiance and freshness).


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