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How to use highlighter and bronzer?

Как использовать бронзер и хайлайтер?

Bronzer and highlighter - unique cosmetic products used to make skin, lightening its separate parts, or giving a shade of light tan. But what are these products a more detailed study?

Bronzer and highlighter - to each his own!

Some girls dream to have an ash-white face color, others prefer to use cosmetics that gives the effect of tanning. This is the main difference between bronzer and haylaytela from Lambre.

Highlighter - for whom suitable?

The use of the cosmetic product is relevant if:

  1. You have oily skin type.
  2. On the surface of the skin aging symptoms are present in the form of wrinkles.
  3. The pores on the face extended or pimples are present.

Как использовать бронзер

Bronzer - for whom it is appropriate to use?

Depending on the shade of bronzer its use will be justified for owners:

  1. Dry and normal skin - tone with the effect of radiance.
  2. Oily and combination skin - matt bronzer.

Also, an interesting fact that the use of matte bronzers is especially true for women with blond hair!

Properly applied bronzer - it is well-placed accents makeup by lightening and visual increase of individual sections of the face!

First of all it is necessary to focus on the fact that the bronzer should be used differently depending on the shape of the face:

  • For owners of a round face: cosmetic products distribution should be carried out from the middle part of the ear in the direction of mouth. In order to make the face more visually slim bronzer should also be put in the middle of the cheeks.
  • In the case of a square face: application of the product should be carried out to the corners of the forehead and cheeks, trunk, touching cheeks. This will smooth out the sharp features.
  • The triangular shape: in this case would be appropriate to the application of bronzer on the tip of the chin, a little on the temples and cheekbones (the top of the point).
  • The face of the elongated type: visually reduce the oval can be through the use of bronzer on the chin and forehead trunks.

Other recommendations on the use of bronzer:

Как использовать бронзер

  1. Use a large brush in the distribution of bronzer! It was a large round brush capable of ensuring uniformity of makeup.
  2. Brnzator not apply to the entire face. The effect of the natural make-up is only possible in the case of dusting individual sites.
  3. Simulation entity shall be carried out by "drawing" figure 3. This is the basic technique, which implies the distribution of cosmetic products in the area from the hairline to the temples, in the direction of the cheekbones and jaw line.
  4. Combine the use of bronzer and blush - so you will be able to more "revive" created by makeup.

Как использовать бронзер и хайлайтер?

Skillfully applied highlighter = healthy and radiant appearance of your skin!

Most women are confident that the professional use of this cosmetic product without make-up skills is simply impossible, but it is far from reality.

Places for applying highlighter and achieved effect:

  1. Under eyebrow. Use a highlighter in this area is recommended if there is a desire to visually enlarge the eyes or slightly adjust the shape of eyebrows.
  2. On the cheekbones. This technique is relevant to make them bulge and radiance.
  3. On the chin. It will be able to optically enlarge the lips. Distribution highlighter in this area should be carried out at the final stage makeup.
  4. On the back of the nose. It is a way to make your nose more accurate.
  5. On the inner corners of the eyes. As a result, it is able to hide fatigue, and increase the eye.
  6. Above the upper lip. This will give the fullness of lips (bulk).

Highlighter can be applied by brush, or by drawing a finger loop (pencil). It depends on the form in which you purchased the cosmetic.

Sculpting the face with cosmetic products from Lambre

Pawn stunning make-up - it's bright painted lips, eyebrows, lashes ... and wisely "fashioned face." To this end, it is recommended to use the funds cosmetics that create shadows on the face (eye shadow, blush, tonal foundation and others.).

Sculpting face in 3 steps:

  1. Darken cheekbones. It is recommended to apply the tonal foundation for an imaginary line running from the corners of his mouth to the top of the ear.
  2. Darken the hairline and forehead. In this case, use a corrective tool at the temples, and then the well-shaded this area.
  3. Adjust the chin line. Toning agent is applied on the line from ear to lip corner (top to bottom).

Как использовать бронзер и хайлайтер?

How to use bronzer and highlighter in every detail to advise managers Lambre online store!

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