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Lambre no20 - Hugo Hugo Boss

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Men's eau de toilette Lambre no20 or fragrance Hugo by Hugo Boss (year of manufacture 1995) - designed for men who follow the fashion trends and dynamic, while maintaining their own style unchanged - "Do not imitate, and look for new!" - Calls on Hugo . "The dynamics and motion" can be synonymous. Preferred for the younger age to 35 years and/or men with a sporty lifestyle. Dominated by notes of apple, grapefruit, fir, sage, lavender. It is believed stub and persistent perfume. Still quite easy, unobtrusive perfume, almost universal.

  • Characteristics: fresh, energetic, dynamic, unique.
  • Start: grapefruit, apple, thyme, bergamot, mint.
  • Heart: jasmine, geranium, lavender, patchouli.
  • The final sound: musk, pine needles, sandalwood.


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духи бомба,запах стойкий,мне очень нравиться! рекомендую не разачаруетесь!