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We are glad to welcome you in our online store perfume and cosmetics Lambre!

French Lambre perfumes at affordable prices in Ukraine

All perfume brand development from France classified in our online store catalog follows:

  1. As the concentration of aromatic substances: eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume.
  2. According bottle volume: 1.6 (sampler), 8, 20, 50 and 75 ml.
  3. According collections numbering and author.

Lambre offers perfume formulas for men and women in a wide variety of families and music, allows you to choose fragrance for any occasion and weather application!

Policy «unbrand» - a key feature of the collection of license perfumes from Lambre.

Maintaining this policy allows the company to put the cost of ongoing perfume formulas (analogues of brand fragrances) without a brand name and a developer, an expensive bottle of corporate design as well as marketing PR smell!

Factory Technico Flor perfume perfume manufacturer in France Lambre, presented in our online store

All aromatic formula, today proposed to you in the catalog, are manufactured in the factory development Technico Flor perfume in France. On the quality of the developed aromatic compositions also says that the Technico Flor creates perfumes for the world-famous perfume houses (Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein and many others).

Way Lambre perfumes from the manufacturer to you - the buyer:

  • Production of an aromatic liquid in France and spill it into vials.
  • Transportation of goods in Poland, where the spirits dressed in original packaging Lambre.
  • Supply of perfumery to the central office in Ukraine, from where it is distributed to the regional office in the country.

Sederma company - the world leader in the development of active ingredients for cosmetics - is the creator of all the lines of cosmetic products for skin care of any age from Lambre

The company strives to meet the needs of all its customers by offering a rich catalog of resources for caregivers of young and mature skin of the whole body!

  • Means for care of skin cover of up to 30 years: TTO Line - oils and gels for sensitive and problem skin; Olive Oil Line - products with a delicate olive oil in the composition.
  • Products for skin care from 30 to 45 years: Pearl Line - creams, lotions and tonic with pearl extract; Ultra Hyaluronic Line - products for day and night care with hyaluronic acid.
  • Cosmetics for mature skin after 45 years: DNA-Shot Line - a series of cosmetics with extracts of caviar; Zen - cosmetic series of day, night and smoothing eye cream.

About the manufacturer of cosmetics for care Lambre

All caring cosmetic companies have developed a series of French laboratories, together with the company Sederma. As a result, all the items in the catalog of the brand is based on the latest achievements of biotechnology, botany and chemistry, as well as meet the highest demands for quality and efficiency!

Matting, lifting and lightening skin with makeup line Lambre

One of the main places in Lambre online store catalog is now the basis of tone! After all, it is the basis for further applying makeup! matt, add elasticity and lighten skin? All these effects are achieved with Lambre!

Internet shop Lambre in Ukraine offers:

  • The decorative line of products for the eyes: mascara, eye shadow, pencils, eyeliner and even caring means in the form of serum for eyelashes!
  • Attributes to create a lip makeup: lipstick (decorative, hygienic) glosses, balms and pencils!
  • Tools for working with the whole person: the tonal foundations of various kinds, BB cream, powder and blush.

All these products are offered to you in a fresh directory Lambre online store, available today from any city of Ukraine!