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The company Lambre Groupe International

Тональный крем Lambre Classic Matting Make Up №6

Tonal basis Lambre

436,24 грн
Прессованная пудра Ламбре №6 (медовый цветок)

Pressed powder Lambre

273,06 грн
Компания Lambre Groupe International

The company Lambre Groupe International - a major international MLM company.

The strategy is based on the principle of network marketing. What does the following:

  • Physical stores with the company's products are completely absent.
  • Distribution of goods is carried out exclusively through the brand consultants.
  • There is the possibility of building its business by forming a structure.
  • The outcome of each individual representative of the company, accrued remuneration (bonuses).

Sales of products through the official representatives of the company - consultants.

  • Subscription (purchase caskets) has no restrictions on the purchase and the terms of the contract.
  • The products can be purchased at discounted rates for themselves or earn together with a company selling products among their friends and acquaintances.

Our online store has huge advantages:

  • Customer service and consultants all over Ukraine, with the possibility of delivery to any city in the carrier services New mail.
  • Online Store cooperates with warehouses in many cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Boyarka, Dnepropetrovsk, Uzhgorod). In this connection, the products are always in stock and with the current shelf life and in the required amount for you.Компания Lambre Groupe International Петр Монгирд

Lambre Groupe International - a brand that was established in 1999 in Gdansk (Poland), Peter Mongridom - now the acting president.

Other features of the brand:

  • The main products offered by the brand. Since the inception of the brand focused on the manufacture of perfumes. However, a few years after the presentation of the brand appeared on the market and the production of cosmetology.
  • Mission Lambre. In the company it is formulated as follows: "The creation of a unique image of a person with the use of cosmetics, perfume products of the highest quality."

Transparent standardized bottle and packaging (policy "anbrend") - these are the principles of the company - only pay for the content, not the packaging!

Компания Lambre Groupe International цена духов

On the other principles of Lambre:

  1. Maximum attention to the quality produced perfumes and cosmetics, but not outside their appearance!
  2. Enrichment of the world market of products which could meet the individual end user.
  3. Development of the structure - the main item of moving forward!

Capacities of the company Lambre Groupe International for the production of perfumes in France are located in the town near Marseilles on Technico Flor factory

Representations of the same brand are located in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Uzbekistan and many other countries.

Three stages, which are fragrances Lambre before you turn on the counter:

  1. Development aromatic formula. On the creation of spirits working perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour and Irène Farmachidi. In particular, we are talking about an exclusive collection of Lambre.
  2. Flood created an aromatic liquid in bottles. This process is carried out in France at the factory of the manufacturer of perfume «Technico Flor».
  3. Packaging and lamination. To this end, a bottle of perfume should be ready to Poland, where at a local factory in Gdyansk he packed in branded packaging and coated mica. It also applied to the corresponding markings and bar codes.

Next perfumes as a finished product is sent to your customer.

Perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products - it is the company's production lines

Компания Lambre Groupe International ассортимент

The online catalog of the company you will find a wide range (see Lambre Museum - the history of the development of the product structure and packaging design.)

  1. Cosmetic Products (decorative lines):
    • for the eyes (mascara, eyeliner, pencils, and other attributes);
    • lip (pencils, lipsticks, glosses, etc.);
    • face (matting and Liftingovaja tonal foundations, powder, blush, etc.).
  2. Creams (caring products):
    • line of products for children;
    • cosmetics for skin division age and destination.
  3. Perfumes.

Because perfumes has been and remains the leading focus of the brand, this issue should be given special attention.

Perfumes brand Class A - a variety of brand-name counterparts to exclusive development. Perfume and toilet water, perfume for women, men and children.

Besides perfume line Lambre Groupe International characterized as follows:

  1. All aromatic products Lambre distinguished inclusion in its membership by 90% natural ingredients.
  2. No likelihood of irritation on the skin (especially important for young skin!).
  3. Perfume company catalog includes design for men, women and children.
  4. If we talk about children's flavors, they exclude alcohol in its composition is almost 100%.

Loyalty pricing and quality delivered on the product market - that's why choosing Lambre Groupe International - European quality at domestic prices

Among the least significant advantages of the company can be identified:

  1. The uniqueness and value of matching ingredients for the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics brand products.
  2. Opportunities offered by the consultants of the company. In particular it concerns the flexibility of wage system.
  3. Availability of detailed work training systems Lambre, which are available on the Internet for free.Компания Lambre Groupe International

Lambre Groupe International - constantly evolving and improving French company

After analyzing the development trend of the brand product from the beginning of its existence, it becomes apparent change and as for the outer packaging of the goods, and in terms of product composition. In addition, should the company identify numerous awards, which are a reflection of the following characteristics of the brand:

  • There is a constant tendency of improving perfume and systematic catalog update.
  • The quality of products supplied to the market, meet the highest quality standards.
  • The production process involves the use of innovative methods and the most modern machines.

About Lambre Groupe International, or about the products offered more consultation by phone: 0630573477, 0967684542 or 0500221169.

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