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Factory Technico Flor (France)

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Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция)

Groupe Technico Flor - manufacturer of natural aromatic formulas, having the status of one of the largest and most popular in the world! Besides Technico Flor is one of the main investors and co-founders of the company Lambre (France).

Francois-Patrick SABATER - the founder of a factory in France Technico Flor

Important facts in the history of the formation and development of the company are also:

  1. 1774 - the foundation of the monastery of the Order of St. Benedict, in the place of which the factory TechnicoFlor appeared. Monks for more than 200 years supplied perfumes to European royal houses.
  2. Until 1941, the company owned by the company "Pivert". In this long period, the organization has released hundreds of smells masterpiece!
  3. 1982 - Francois-Patrick Sabater creates the company TechnicoFlor and includes a factory with the group "Groupe Technico Flor".
  4. Over the past century TF has released a huge amount of flavors that have won numerous awards and is considered one of the best perfumes to today!

Today, the production of TF is located on the territory of the monastery of Saint Benedict (the former) and holds a leading position in the ranking of the world's manufacturers of perfumes. Besides France, TechnicoFlor has factories located in Indonesia (Jakarta), USA (Miami) and China (Shanghai). In Singapore and Dubai there are sales offices. The total capacity of all factories is 2750 tons per year.

Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция) Bertrand Duchaufour и Irène Farmachidi

Bertrand Duchaufour and Irène Farmachidi - perfumers Technico Flor and authors exclusive perfumes Lambre

In other factory team members Technico Flor (France), working today are:

  1. Patrice Rouan - General Director of the company
  2. Olivier Oger - the commercial director of the company
  3. June Baisa - director of product export
  4. Eric Strat De Beaurain - CFO

US, Singapore and France - the main production centers factory Technico Flor

Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция)

The central office is located in the southern region of France, near Marseilles (30 km from the city). This place is characterized by the famous plantations of jasmine and roses, which form the basis of almost all French aromatic products!

Other facts about the geography Technico Flor:

  1. The first international branch of the TF was opened in the US market.
  2. At the same time developing representative office in China (Guangzhou). By the way it is here that have the highest growth of the market at the moment!
  3. People French soil the company has a representative office in Paris and a number of subsidiary companies.

Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция)

Production of perfume compositions and computer processing - the main production line Technico Flor factory

In addition, several other fundamental points should be made in the matter of production:

  1. A special unit «May Flower» - TF department, which has more than 7 years working on a unique aromatic oils and essences. This company offers a wide range of client firms, which produce deodorizing products, shaving products, and products for body care.
  2. Technico Flor already supports a long-term relationship with the manufacturers of the highest quality raw materials from Tunisia, Turkey and France.
  3. The company has a shop vacuum-packing, corresponding international standards.
  4. Fragrance products are equipped with sprayers mark «Lux», distinguished by its two-stage action. Technico Flor they be ordered from American manufacturers.

At the TF production sites around the world are involved more than 2000 professionals in their field!

Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция)

Factory Technico Flor (France) - the first company in the world that has made the production of perfumes of handicraft in manufactories

Read more about the advantages of factory:

  1. High-tech production. The company uses exclusively modern and proven technologies that guarantee results!
  2. Qualifications Masters. The main staff of the factory (by number of employees) are specialists in the field of chemistry, master in establishing new technologies and computer processing of odors produced.
  3. An experience. For more than two centuries in the factory stores visited by millions of different scents! Only now it contains about 200,000 already developed aromatic compositions!

Customers perfumes Technico Flor factory (France) is home to the world-famous Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Chanel and others.

Фабрика Technico Flor (Франция)

More details about the factory Technico Flor (France) or the perfume range Lambre consult with the managers of the brand's official representative in Ukraine: 0630573477, 0967684542 or 0500221169.

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