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BB cream Lambre

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BB+ крем Ламбре
  • Beauty Balm Cream (30ml)

BB Cream (beauty balm) - is moisturizing and toning face cream, developed thanks to the collaboration of two French companies: Lambre and Sederma. Home dostoisntvo this product is the ability to simultaneously perform the tasks of the tonal foundation base for the subsequent application of make-up, corrector and a moisturizing cream!

The effect of using the cream for the face «BB Cream»:

  1. Masking minor imperfections on the face.
  2. Leveling tone quality skin lightening.
  3. Nutrition and effective fight against age withering skin.
  4. Protection from UV rays.
  5. Implementation of soothing and regenerating functions.

Active ingredients of face cream «BB Cream» from Lambre:

  1. Hyaluronic acid - smoothing, moisturizing and opposition to the aging process.
  2. Mango extract - vitamin C, B1 and B2, as well as provitamin A protection and regeneration.
  3. Vitamin PP - anti-inflammatory effect recovery.
  4. Coconut oil - nourishing and moisturizing functions.
  5. The extract of green algae - revives the color of the skin.

Using a face cream «BB Cream» from Lambre:

  • Pick the most suitable tone cream for your skin: №1 (light) or №2 (medium).
  • Face Cream «BB Cream» can be used as a tonal framework.
  • It can be used as a day and night to serve a nutritious cream.
  • Apply the product to be massaged.
  • Scope of application: face and neck.

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Крем хороший, він плотний, але легко наноситься, жодноі' штучності на лиці нема, природній вигляд,тільки підібрати тон який блище до всоєі' шкіри важливо

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Если б не брала тоналку ,сказала б что фирма...г...но тоналка хорошая! Бб крем жидкий, липкий!и перекрытие 0.

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Жидкий. Проще брать тоналку матируюшую и при необходимости добавлять обычный крем в макияж на раз.