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A set of makeup brushes

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A set of brushes Lambre will make your daily make-up fast convenient. Ergonomic brushes with wooden handles and soft synthetic fibers. Case keeps a set of brushes from amortization. For sale two color schemes of the case: elegant gold and black rigorous.

Lambre brush kit makeup brushes consists of:


Description The length of the wooden handle, cm Brush length, cm
№1 for powder the largest, the rounded for application of all types of powders: molded, baked, crispy, and others. Assignment is based on the fixing foundation and correction of all makeup 9,5 4,0
№2 for rouge soft bristles canted at an angle allows you to simulate the cheekbones and facial contours applying blush 3,5 4,5
№3 for lips accurately create contour of the lips and completely repaint the lipstick or lip gloss 10,0 0,9
№4 for eye shadow flat brush is easy to apply shadow on the entire surface of the century, with the creation of various eye makeup effects 10,0 1,0
№5 for eyebrows delicately and subtly simulates the arch eyebrows, a pencil to shade or shade 10,0 0,3
№6 for eyebrows and eyelashes brush / comb made of plastic designed for the separation of eyelashes and eyebrows, avoiding bonding during eye makeup 9,5 3,0

Набор кистей Ламбре


Гость's picture

Кисти не сыпятся, хорошие. У мамы все есть. Плохо, что не продаются по отдельности. Я бы пудру и румяна купила)

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Такой наборчик покупала еще лет 7 назат,очень довольна,особенно кистью для румян и для нанесения помады..качество хорошее.