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What is shimmer and highlighter, concealer and primer, bronzer and lyuminayzer?

Что такое шиммер и хайлайтер, консилер и праймер, бронзер и люминайзер?

Shimmer, concealer, highlighter, bronzer... modern cosmetology rich enough new modern user understandable terms, that increase the risk to buy a product that is not suitable for achieving the goal!

We invite you to read the information from the article-crib, which explains the importance of these inscriptions on jars of cosmetics!

Highlighter and concealer - skin lightening and masking flaws!

Both products are aimed at masking age manifestations, adjustment of the relief of the skin and making it healthy and well-groomed appearance, but what is the difference between them?!

Highlighter - a tool whose main task is to tint and the allocation of individual sections of the face, giving elegance and expressiveness make-up. Highlighter can be implemented in the form of stick, liquid or dry powder, as well as in the format light creamy texture.

Concealer - a product that performs corrector function and is used to cover up the problem areas of the epidermis (age spots, bruising, acne, burns, etc.). wherein the masking effect provided by entry of the large amount of pigments.

Primer and bronzer - it is matte and the creation of a tanned kind

And primers and bronzer - are products that involve its use in combination with other cosmetic products!

Taking them in private, it should be noted:

  1. Bronzer - a cosmetic attribute that is used to create a sort of inner glow in your skin! Such products may be opaque or flickering effect. And if the former can perform cosmetic function to the entire face, the latter applied locally (nose, cheeks, chin, shoulders, etc.).
  2. Primer - base, which is necessary to create the effect of haze, as well as to mask minor defects. Primer is also used to improve the durability of makeup and application of these products is carried out over a day cream or just on clean skin.

Shimmer and lyuminayzer - a spicy glow skin

In both media gloss is provided by the inclusion of the light-reflecting particles and glitter. The difference between these cosmetic products is light intensity!

Lyuminayzer - a delicate sheen (small reflective particles in the composition). Lyuminayzer may be suitable for parting makeup accents (day) by applying it on the chin, cheeks, forehead, and other areas.

Shimmer - a bright and noticeable glow (large reflective particles). When forming the daytime makeup Shimmer better applied to one portion of the face. For evening - it may be a few.

Lambre offers to buy some of these products to produce a harmonious and healthy make-up!

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