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Y Lambre

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Perfume «Y» Lambre - unique design for young and horny girls. The scent exudes tenderness and romance smell. It is far from being a child, but not yet a woman... amorousness and irresistible - the main features of her character. «Y» - fragrance, which will emphasize all the tenderness and beauty of its subtle nature.

The smell starts to their sound a delicate aroma of citrus, which gradually replaced the notes of jasmine flowers and roses. This smell - the choice of the young generation and is particularly relevant in the autumn and spring.

  • Start: lemon, grapefruit and lime.
  • Heart: rose, marigold, jasmine.
  • Train: amber, musk and sandalwood.

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Свежий отличный вариант! Люблю также Кензо

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Очень понравился аромат, нежный, чуть сладковатый, но не приторный. Стойкость средняя. Отличный дневной вариант