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X Lambre

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78,30 грн

Perfume "X" for him from the company Lambre - the personification of youthful enthusiasm, strength and boundless energy. The fragrance will emphasize active and self-confident man, giving him the image of a kind of intrigue and mystery. "X" from Lambre - what is needed for a man seeking to conquer new peaks and girls' hearts.

The fragrance reveals a wealth of oceanic sound, supplementing it with the sweet notes of mandarin. The basis of the present composition for men are aromas of patchouli, jasmine and spicy smells. It will be appropriate in the daytime, and when applied in the evening.

  • Start: grapefruit, mandarin, fresh oceanic notes.
  • Heart: spices, jasmine, laurel.
  • Train: guaiacum, moss and patchouli.


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Красивый запах. Терпкость и цитрусы. Схож чем то с арче Саммер. Рекомендую

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Очень понравился запах. Терковато сладкий. Дорого пахнет. Не молодежный правда никак)