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Sweet Princess Lambre

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Perfume collection Lambre enriched flavors for young ladies. New perfume Sweet Princess (year of manufacture 2014) Lambre - is a children's toilet water with a predominance of fruity-floral notes of raspberry and rose. The composition is specifically designed to emphasize the little girl, without interrupting its natural flavor of childhood adult female perfumes.

Features children's toilet water:

  • For girls from 3 to 15.
  • Minimum alcohol content, it is safe.
  • Hypoallergenic for children's skin perfume composition.
  • Not accommodates toxic substances.

Excellent opportunity for young fashionistas harmless parody of their mothers.

  • Characteristics: natural, fresh.
  • Initial sounds: rose, lemon, peach.
  • Notes "Hearts": violet, raspberry, freesia.
  • Stub chords: musk, sandalwood and cedar.

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