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Anti-cellulite line Lambre

Антицеллюлитная линия Ламбре

Anti-cellulite cosmetics line is one of the most popular destinations on the "market of beauty." However, this production belongs to the one that requires a unique approach in the selection. After some preparations may contain hormones and medications, which can have different effects on the body.

Purpose and method of use of funds from the anti-cellulite line

These funds help to:

  • reduction of visible cellulite effect;
  • tightening of the upper layer;
  • accelerate fat reduction and obstruction of its further deposition;

We note also that, just put on your skin cellulite remedy is not enough! It is important to balance your diet and increase the pace of life (dovit movement), otherwise these products would act as a cream for care.

there are a lot of forms and types of funds among the described product lines. Lambre also proposes to use a series of «Anticellulite SPA Line»:

  1. Amber body oil (simulator) - in addition to its direct purpose (anti-cellulite) Lambre product improves blood circulation and tissue regeneration, enhances elasticity and nourishes and hydrates the epidermis.
  2. Amber peeling gel - used during showering, and aims to clean the skin and its renewal, combats cellulite manifestations and burns fat.
  3. Lambre Line slimming «Slim Body Expert». It consists of 3 different products:
    • Acai Berry Plus (food supplement in capsules) - promotes weight loss and accelerates the metabolism.
    • Anti-cellulite peeling Lambre body - it smoothness and elasticity of the skin, no cellulite, wonderful flavor and freshness.
    • Serum modeling - corrects the figure, reduces fat and cellulite provides effective resistance.

Through the online store Lambre You can read each line of the proposed anti-cellulite product. For more extensive information to offer to contact the managers of one of the phones: 76845-42 096, 050 or 063 02211-69 05734-77.

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