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Composition of the perfume Lambre

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The modern world of perfumes - a mass of unusual combinations of fruit and floral aromas, scents of herbs and trees. All these notes combine Lambre and perfume composition.

On the composition of perfumes Lambre details

Magic image Lambre aromatic spirits can not create by combining 2 groups of ingredients:

  1. Natural - the subtlety, depth and appeal of the smell.
  2. Synthetic - originality and style. It is a way to emphasize the idea of ​​the composition.

Natural substances in the composition of perfumes Lambre

Such ingredients include:

  • Plant components. They are applied in the form of a solution for infusions and alcohol, and the basic materials of this group are: leaves, resins, balsams, roots, etc.
  • Substances extracted from the animal world. The main objective of these products is to eliminate unpleasant odors. In Lambre used ingredients such as the musk, amber and many others.

Composition of the perfume LambreSynthetic materials in the composition of perfumes Lambre

Without synthetic perfume components on the level of development would remain somewhere in the Middle Ages. Mown grass, lily of the valley, hyacinth, ocean and many other smells - it smells artificially reproduced, without which it is difficult to imagine modern perfumery.

Perfumes based on synthetic ingredients have a number of advantages:

  1. Their use eliminates allergic reactions!
  2. No skin irritation is not dependent on the abundant use of perfumes!
  3. We have a unique opportunity to enjoy the fancy smells!
  4. It becomes possible to reproduce the natural fragrances that can not be distillation, extraction and other methods of producing fragrance!

Fragrances - a key element in the composition of perfumes Lambre. Regardless of whether these substances are a product of plant or animal life, there are several methods for making them.

Composition of the perfume LambreMethods for producing aromatic components:

  1. Mechanical. Oils extracted through reprocessing peel and peel fruits, namely recourse to the technique of spin.
  2. Distillation. Desired material is obtained by exposure to steam.
  3. By using volatile and nonvolatile fluids. Here we are talking about plants, rose, jasmine and others.
  4. Sorption. Implemented by the absorption of fat or oil sorbents. This process is carried out in the transition state of gas oils.

The chemical composition of perfumes Lambre

Each formula in the aromatic brand collection includes the following ingredients in the composition:

  • Water - demineralized.
  • Alcohol - the highest quality cleaning (geraniol, nerol or other).

In addition to perfume composition comprises:

  • Carbohydrates - limenon (attached lemon scent).
  • Esters - methyl or ethyl.
  • Ketones - ionone.
  • Aldehydes - vanillin, citral and others.
  • Lactones - coumarin.

Composition of the perfume LambreThe percentage of perfume Lambre

Perfumes Lambre represents the solution prepared in alcoholic or aqueous-alcoholic base. The water used for dilution to the desired concentration of alcohol and alcohol - to increase the volatility of the components in the mixture.

  1. Fragrances - the most concentrated flavor of the brand product with a duration of up to 5 hours of sound. The structure includes:
    • Alcohol (ethanol), diluted with water - 70-80%
    • Aromatic components - 30%
  2. Eau de toilette - Lambre formula, intense sound that last up to 3 hours. The composition of the perfume:
    • Ethanol and water - 70%
    • Fragrances - 10%
  3. Perfume - a composition, wherein the duration of its opening up to 4 hours. The composition of the formula looks like this:
    • Alcohol and water - up to 85%
    • Aromatic ingredients - up to 18%.

After examining all the details of the composition of perfumes Lambre, it should be noted the unique effect that brings the flavor!

The use of perfumes Lambre

It has long aromatic products used by different nations for youth savings and recovery. Odor was accompanied by religious ceremonies and used in many other ways.

Today perfumes Lambre composition is enriched with essential oils, has the following effects on the human body:

  • Refreshing effect has mint, tangerine, orange, lavender, vetiver and lemon.
  • For cheerfulness meet lemon and herbs.
  • Relaxing and calming contribute basil, lemon balm, rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla and other ingredients.
  • Anti-stress effect have bergamot, mimosa, patchouli, geranium and others.

On the composition and other properties of perfumes Lambre more tell the managers of our online store. To order products or advice on any question please call: 063 05734-77, 096 76845-42 or 050 02211-69. Examples looks like perfume composition Lambre on the package, see below:

Состав парфюмов Ламбре Состав парфюмов Ламбре Состав парфюмов Ламбре

Состав парфюмов Ламбре

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