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Cosmetics Lambre care for aging skin

Косметика Ламбре по уходу для возрастной кожи

Lambre offers an exclusive series of cosmetics for the care for aging skin. It consists of 4 products «DNA-Shot Line», the composition of which is based on an extract of caviar:

  1. Lambre Day Cream for the care for aging skin
  2. Lambre Night Cream for the care for aging skin.
  3. Cream Lambre care for aging skin around the eyes.
  4. Serum Lambre for aging skin.

Features cosmetics Lambre care

Active cream composition of each of the series of cosmetics Lambre skin age:

  • Sodium salt - stimulates the regenerative processes. It is extracted from sturgeon caviar.
  • Almond oil and «Macadamia». Both of these substances are responsible for softening, soothing and restoring skin.
  • Hronodin - present extract has an effect on metabolic processes in cells, eliminating fatigue condition. Thanks hronodinu skin becomes many times more elastic.
  • Haloxyl - eliminates swelling shadows under the eyes. Due to the components in its structure fails to provide restoration of microcirculation blood flow and hemodynamics.
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres-Vector - component responsible for skin hydration and leveling of minor wrinkles.

In addition, as part of cosmetics Lambre care for aging skin present an extract of sea buckthorn oil. Buy any of Lambre series of products, you can in our online store or by phone: 0500221-169, 0967684-542 or 0630573-477.

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