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DNA-shot cream Lambre - Black caviar in cosmetology

DNA-shot cream Lambre - Черная икра в косметологии

Caviar - is the beginning of life, and for the aging skin including! Black caviar in cosmetics - is a complex of natural minerals, proteins and vitamins, which will give your youth a second chance!

Natural cosmetics with caviar

The conclusion as "caviar" cosmetic products meet the "natural" status allows you to make the composition of products and the way was prepared each of the ingredients.

Cosmetics with caviar Lambre contains:

  • Extracts of black caviar
  • The homogenized eggs
  • Milk fish from the sturgeon family.

At the same time to assess how natural and environmentally friendly product has been purchased by you can be on the label: Refer to the information that was going to catch a fish, or a material in which region.

On the composition of caviar more

This product is enriched with a mass of materials, providing invaluable benefits to our skin, taking care of her and preventing the aging process. Among the ingredients of black caviar isolated:

  1. Vitamins, improves blood circulation and nutrition (A, E, D, F).
  2. Minerals improving metabolic processes in cells (calcium, sodium, iron, etc.).
  3. Trace elements.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids - are responsible for the extension of youth and preservation of moisture in the cells.
  5. Amino acids. We are talking about almost all its types, including glutamic and aspartic.

DNA-shot cream Lambre - Beauty with black caviar

The main task of caviar care products is the anti-aging effects on the skin! And this effect, you can evaluate the products Lambre:

  1. Cream for daytime use of DNA-shot day cream - filling wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and protection, its hydration and nutrition.
  2. Cream for night DNA-shot night cream treatments - the restoration of the lipid layer, reducing the depth of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, etc.
  3. Cream for the skin around the DNA-shot eye cream eye - retains moisture in the cells, removes eye puffiness and circles, has a lifting effect.
  4. Serum DNA-shot ultra lift - recovery of mature skin, work with facial wrinkles, improve facial contours, giving cover luster and freshness.

Integrated use of all Lambre products with caviar - it's your formula of youth!

The result from the use of cosmetics with black caviar DNA-shot cream Lambre

Regular use of cosmetics caviar will give you:

  1. The wet and full of vitamins skin a healthy glow from a distance.
  2. Elastic and taut skin.
  3. A smooth velvety skin, eliminating irritation, peeling, and other defects.

His understanding of the effectiveness of DNA-shot cream Lambre series of products can form by examining the main active ingredients in the composition of these products!

The active part of DNA-shot cream Lambre purged series

  1. Squalane - substance having a vegetable origin. It is extracted by extraction of olives. The effectiveness of the product is:
    • preventing dehydration;
    • giving elasticity of the epidermis;
    • moisturizing the skin.
  2. Shea butter (Shea) - a natural filter, forming a reliable skin protection against UV radiation. Besides oil helps:
    • smoothing and regeneration;
    • wound healing and calming irritations;
    • normalize the horny layer.
  3. DNA-Na - sodium salt of deoxyribonucleic acid extracted. This component is responsible for:
    • prevention of aging;
    • restore the skin's natural processes;
    • the regeneration of the epidermis structure.
  4. Matrixyl® - component, mainly affecting the depth of wrinkles. As a result of its application:
    • deep wrinkles (their area) are reduced by 70% or more;
    • depth age manifestations is reduced by 50%;
    • the average depth of wrinkles is reduced by the area of ​​52%.
  5. Chronodyn ™ - is an extract extracted from Euglena gracilis - single-celled algae. This chronobiological extract promotes:
    • activation of cells;
    • increase elasticity;
    • elimination of fatigue skin.
  6. MOIST 24 - a valuable extract produced from Imperata Cylindrica, which are high in potassium and 3-metilsulfopropinata. The component responsible for:
    • the elasticity of the epidermis;
    • protection of the stratum corneum;
    • moisture retention and moisture in the cells.
  7. Hyaluronic acid - belong to the polysaccharides, and its main purpose is to prevent dehydration applications. Hyaluronic acid is also:
    • fill wrinkles, reducing their depth;
    • prevents irritations;
    • protects the stratum corneum.
  8. Macadamia oil - is obtained in the processing of nuts Australia. By the beneficial properties of the drug include:
    • recovery, nutrition and smoothing the epidermis;
    • protection from moisture loss;
    • it prevents premature aging.
  9. Sea buckthorn oil. This component is saturated tocopherols, fatty acids, carotenes and carbohydrates. The value of this product lies in:
    • recovery processes;
    • smoothing effect;
    • healing and protective effect.

Besides cosmetology with black caviar contains components such as Skin tiqhtener ST (elasticity), Argireline (reducing the depth of wrinkles) and Leuphasyl (prevention of age-related changes).

The effectiveness of black caviar in cosmetology is confirmed by a series of Lambre DNA-shot cream products. Learn more about the composition, operation or other features of cosmetics you can in a telephone conversation with the managers of our online store in Ukraine: 063 057 34 77 096 768 45 42 or 050 022 11 69.

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