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How to use perfumes Lambre

Как пользоваться парфюмами Ламбре

Effective use perfumes? It is important to pay attention to weight issues: the choice before applying! And if initially (at time of purchase), the decision was made incorrectly, it has no correct. But what to do when the selected fragrance - Your perfect complement, and sound as desired he refuses?

How to use perfumes Lambre?

Important: "If the smell is right for you, it does not mean its success is" To guarantee this, a little effort and knowledge.

Suffice it to focus on 3 main issues:

  1. "How to apply?" - The use of technology, including the main recommendations in the matter.
  2. "When I use?" - Technical recommendations that take into account your physical features and characteristics of the environment.
  3. "Where to apply?" - Advice to allow more fully open up the smell.

Как пользоваться парфюмами Ламбре

More details about the technique of using perfumes Lambre

All perfumes represented in the collection of fragrances, has a specific application procedure:

  • If you purchased the perfume bottle without a dispenser, the contents should be applied with your fingertips.
  • If the vial dispenser equipped (as in the case Lambre), then it too close to the skin is not recommended. This will is not enough full disclosure of fragrance.
  • The aromatic liquid must dry yourself on the wrists - do not rub it!
  • You plan to be indoors? It should not be throttled too generous in this case. It is better to take a small bottle with you.
  • Do not use perfume with the same concentration for the office, walks and romantic dates.
  • Spirits need a more accurate "communication" than toilet water, it will require a moderate use.
  • It smells a lot better quality sound in natural fabrics rather than synthetic.

You bought too persistent perfume? Avoid its use before the warm season or a minimum follow its dosage when applied. However, there is a downside - resistance perfume completely disappointed (poor)! How to be in this case?

Methods for increasing the resistance of the perfume:

  1. Take advantage of additional means of an identical smell (creams, lotions and other products of the company).
  2. The end of bath procedures - the best time to spray perfume - so you will ensure greater safety of fragrance on the skin.
  3. It is worth drawing, and aromatic liquids on natural fabrics.

How to use perfume Lambre? We have given only a small fraction of the information that may be useful to you. However, it is all pretty subjective - each case requires individual approach!

Как пользоваться парфюмами Ламбре

In some places smell sounds more harmoniously?

As a result of the enormous amount of research it is clear that the human body contains 16 points, called "perfume active." These are areas in which blood vessels are located as close to the skin. It is in such places perfume Lambre heard "louder" and richer:

  1. Wrist and elbow bends.
  2. Temporal Zone.
  3. Thorax (central part).
  4. Lodyshki.
  5. Neck (8-10 cm below the ear).

These are just a few areas that contribute to the disclosure of the best Lambre aromatic compositions. How do accents properly?

Guidelines for application of perfume:

  1. Fragrance moves upwards, which requires a first fragrance spraying on the lower part of the body (popliteal area, lower abdomen).
  2. Pay attention to the places to be and is constantly in motion (bending the elbow, palm, wrist).
  3. Aromatic products Lambre is also recommended to use on the hair and parts of the body, hidden under clothing.

Taking into account these recommendations will allow you to enjoy your favorite perfume last longer, the maximum feeling his every note!

When using perfumes Lambre?

All brand perfume compositions are divided not only by the families and notes. This is a huge perfume in its content catalog, shared:

  • Depending on the season: summer, spring, autumn and winter flavors.
  • At the time of the day: for an evening or daytime use.
  • On the occasion of the application: the formula for office work, for leisure, sports and parties.

Lambre The collection also presents plenty of versatile designs that you can enjoy almost around the clock.

Explaining to all the rules and learn how to properly use the perfume is gaining urgency following question: "How to keep the fragrance aromatic structure in the original version as long as possible?".

Reasons for Lambre perfume may be distorted:

  • They were violated rules for the treatment with the composition.
  • Your diet. Yes, you have lunch bitter or spicy food - all this is reflected in the composition of the skin, and therefore the spirits, which are applied to it.
  • Storage conditions have been violated or not respected at all.

Как пользоваться парфюмами Ламбре

Storage perfumes Lambre

Regardless of whether you use perfume every day or only on holidays, the formula is placed in a vial, it tends to deteriorate. No, this is not to say it render it unusable, just the smell of substantially changing its original quality. How to prevent this?

  1. Protect bottle with perfumes Lambre from the sun!
  2. Spirits should ensure that the room temperature (20-25 °, max)!
  3. It should be understood that the smaller perfume remains in the vial, the higher the likelihood of damage!
  4. The composition of the bottle must be completely insulated from the external environment, as falling within the microbes - a sentence for an aromatic liquid!

All this will save your perfume Lambre in the initial state for many months, and even years! Lambre on this score, the exact figures:

  • Since opening the bottle perfume A Song can be used in the period up to 36 months (subject to all the requirements).
  • 60 months - working life of the sealed product.

But what gives spoil the product? There are three criteria:

  1. Liquid has changed its color.
  2. The composition has become too thick.
  3. The sound of the perfume previously supplemented his characteristic notes.

More details about how to use perfumes Lambre, as well as more about their expiry advise managers of our online store: 05734-77 063, 096 or 050 76845-42 02211-69.

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