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Selecting fragrance Lambre for men

Выбор аромата Ламбре для мужчин

Looking for a fragrance for yourself, or want to make a gift to a friend? Lambre offers a lot of different flavors, among which will be found and yours! But how to orient in the range of perfumes for men and choose the right scent?

Simple flavors qualifier for men Lambre:

  • type;
  • seasons of the year;
  • time of day;
  • the nature of the user;
  • depending on the use of reason.

Selecting Lambre fragrance for men by the smell of the type:

Cool: oceanic and flower no13, no18, no20
Energetic: citrus, wood no4, no16, no29, 32, Son Desir, Arche Winter, Arche Summer, Arche Classic, Louis, Saint Tropez Men, Lambre X
Warm: wood and spicy no2, no33
Expressive: woody, floral  no17, no44, Atelier
Oriental Gold Amber Men

Aromas Lambre by seasons

Spring-Summer no13, no18, no20
Autumn-Winter no2, no33
Any time of year no4, no16, no17, no29, no32, no44, Son Desir, Saint Tropez Men, Arche Winter, Gold Amber Men, Arche Summer, Atelier, Arche Classic, Louis, Lambre X

Classification of perfumes for men by the time of day

1st half of the day no13, no18, no20
2nd half of the day no2, no33, Gold Amber Men
Regardless of the time no4, no16, no17, no29, no32, no44, Son Desir, Saint Tropez Men, Arche Winter, Arche Summer, Atelier, Arche Classic, Louis, Lambre X

Selection of fragrance for men Lambre nature

For self-motivated and energetic no13, no18, no20
For bright and positive no20
For self-confident, and closely approaching the selection of its image no16, Saint Tropez Men, Arche Winter, Gold Amber Men, Arche Summer, Arche Classic, Lambre X
For a strong and strict man no29, no32, Arche Winter, Gold Amber Men, Louis 
For collected and balanced no4, Son Desir, Arche Winter, Gold Amber Men
For sensual and self-centered no2, no17, no33, no44, Gold Amber Men, Atelier

В зависимости от повода использования:

The working environment no4, no13, no16, no18, no20, no29, no32, Son Desir, Arche Winter, Arche Summer, Arche Classic, Saint Tropez Men, Louis, Lambre X
Leisure no4, no13, no18, no20, Son Desir
Solemn events no2, no33, Gold Amber Men
Walking for two (romance) no2, no33, №17, №44, Gold Amber Men, Atelier
For meeting friends no2, no17, no29, no32, no33, no44, Louis, Atelier

All fragrances for men presented in the collection of Lambre classified into families. Each of them has its own unique notes intended for a specific audience. To understand the map flavors for men momozhet below given table.

Families Characteristics Seasonal use The case of the use of Suitable for
Oceanic Odour characteristic dynamic freshness and flavor of fresh herbs, rich wood notes Spring, summer, warm autumn days Negotiations in a business setting, exit at nature Motivated and energetic individuals
Fruit On wood background thrive juicy fruity shades Summer or spring days Socializing with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, walking in the park For men who are used to express the bright clothes and extraordinary activity
Herbaceous These are traditional scents for men, combining natural flavors of herbs and various plants There will be appropriate in most cold and searing heat Sport, business events, holidays For strong and quiet men

Clean and small tartness flavor makes it a truly masculine. Dominated by wood-musky tones

Applicable in all weather conditions Universal scent for any events and occasions For men, having natural courage and rigor
Spicy Aroma characteristic of mystery and smell teplota.V hear perfectly balanced composition of citrus and greens Late autumn, winter, early spring The solemn event in a friendly company For the refined and noble men
Flower Elegant aromas with a rich scent perfectly combines woody notes and the sound of a spring floral bouquet Without being bound to a period of the year The semi-official environment For the brave and at the same time sensual men
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