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Selecting fragrance Lambre for women

Выбор аромата Ламбре для женщин


Choosing a fragrance for women - always a difficult task. Lambre makes it much easier, by offering the following classification of perfume:

  • type;
  • seasons of the year;
  • time of day;
  • the nature of the user;
  • depending on the use of reason.

By type Lambre flavor:

Cool: oceanic and flower no1, no9, no23, Lambre Y, Son Secret, Elise, 
Nature: flower no24, no26, Atelier Romantic
Complex: floral, fruity, aldehyde no1, no5, no6, no8, no12, no27, no28, no30, no31, no34, no35, Atelier Beauty, Sant Tropez Woman 
Warm: floral, chypre, oriental no7, no3, no14, no15, no19, no21, no26, Amaltea Classic, Amaltea Winter, Amaltea Summer, 
Sweet: floral, oriental no3, no14, no15, no26, Amaltea Classic, Famme, Amaltea Summer, Amaltea Winter, 
Loop: oriental, chypre, woody no11, no25, Gold Amber Woman
Refined: floral, woody, chypre  no6, no8, no10, no22, no26, no31.

Choosing perfume for the season of the year:

Spring no1, no6, no9, no23, no10, no26, no31, Elise, Son Secret, Atelier Beauty, Lambre Y 
Summer no1, no5, no9, no12, no23, no24, no26, no27, no30, Lambre Y,Son Secret, Elise, 
Autumn no3, no6, no10, no14, no15, no28, no31, Amaltea Winter, Amaltea Classic, Amaltea Summer
Winter no1, no8, no11, no14, no15, no21, no22, no25, no28, Elise, Gold Amber Woman,
Any time of year no7, no19, no21, no28, no31

Selection of fragrance on the time of day:

1st half of the day no9, no19, no23, no24, no26, no31, Lambre Y, Son Secret, Elise
2nd half of the day no3, no11, no14, no15, no21, no25, no28, Amaltea Classic, Gold Amber Woman, Amaltea Summer, Amaltea Winter
In continuation of the day no1, no5, no6, no8, no10, no12, no22, no27, no30, no34, no35, Sant Tropez Woman, Atelier Romantic, Atelier Beauty

Choosing perfume Lambre the nature of women:

For decisive, young and energetic no1, no8, no9, no22, no23, Son Secret, Elise, Lambre Y
For the enterprising and business no6, no9, no10, no26, no31
For cheerful, open and cheerful no1, no5, no6, no8, no12, no27, no30, no34, no35, Sant Tropez, Atelier Beauty
For sensitive, mysterious and romantic no28, no31
For impressive and well-groomed no6, no7, no10, no19, no21, no26, no28, no31
For the resourceful, brilliant and dreamy no3, no7, no11, no14, no15, no19, no21, no24, no25, no26, Amaltea Classic, Atelier Romantic, Amaltea Summer, Gold Amber Woman, Amaltea Winter

The choice of flavor depending on the use of reason:

For work no1, no6, no9, no10, no23, no26, no31, Lambre Y, Son Secret, Elise 
For sport no1, no23, Elise, Son Secret
For events no3, no7, no11, no14, no15, no19, no21, no25, no26, no28, no31, Amaltea Classic, Gold Amber Woman, Amaltea Summer
For appointments no6, no10, no26, no31
For walks no9, no24, no26, Atelier Romantic
For any occasion no1, no5, no6, no8, no10, no12, no22, no26, no27, no30, no31, no34, no35, Atelier Beauty, Sant Tropez Woman

Among Lambre flavors emit a lot of smells belonging to different families. Each of these is described in detail in the common table. Ask yourself the question when you want to use the perfume, determine the qualities that characterize you as a person, and choose the...

Families Characteristics Seasonal use Application case Suitable for
Oceanic Shades of citrus and flowers on a background of fresh and green Spring, summer and autumn months holiday with friends, business meeting for resolute and enterprising women
Chypre The smell of citrus notes enriched with delicate aroma of spring flowers It may be successfully applied in any season romantic meetings, evening walks for severe, decisive and at the same time passionate women
Oriental Aromas and attract dope... You can hear the gentle scent of amber and fresh flowers Mostly cold months celebrations (evening) bright women, having a sense of style
Flower Feminine fragrance, radiating warmth and elegance Spring, autumn A meeting with a business partner or loved one business lady
Vinous It is light and sensuality, united in one bottle. "Sweet languor" - best characteristic odor Year operation Working arrangements, important negotiations in the restaurant for the elegant ladies who prefer to dress in the style of "classic"
Aldehyde Aromas full of femininity and subtlety. Thanks fruity composition sounds even somewhere playfully Preferably for a cool time Rendezvous, evening walks along the promenade

for romantic natures, tender and sensual

Fruit Rich, fresh smells donesut alluring aroma of fresh fruit, which complements the light wood notes Spring, summer, warm autumn months any situation for independent women who are accustomed to playing by the rules
Citrus The sweetness of citrus notes gently interwoven with subtle chords of fresh greens Spring, summer sports, official meetings (morning) for business and impetuous woman
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