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What better perfume or eau de parfum Lambre

Что лучше духи или парфюмированная вода Ламбре

Perfume and Perfume - the two most common forms of aromatic and sold products. However, what features does each of them and whether it is necessary to separate them?

Which is better: perfume or eau de parfum from Lambre?

This question is just as absurd as if to ask: "What do you prefer: a jacket or long-sleeved T-shirt." Each of these things are designed for different seasons and has its purpose.

Eau Lambre. Features

In today's world of perfumery products such intricate to denote three letters: «EDP». Its characteristics:

  1. The level of concentration of esters is 13-15%.
  2. Mid sound has the greatest severity.
  3. Happy Perfume can be used as a viable alternative to the spirits.

As its opponent in the composition comprises alcohol, water and flavoring concentrate.

Что лучше духи или парфюмированная вода Ламбре

Features Lambre perfume

The present formula can be designated as the «Parfume». This composition, which is characterized by a balanced intense smell at all times from the application. Other features:

  1. Aroma compounds concentration can be up to 25%.
  2. This type of perfume is among the most powerful, making it more relevant to use in the evening and in the cold season.
  3. It features maximum resistance.

This odor grading Lambre carried out depending on the proportions of the ingredients used in the composition, the composition forming the resistance.

Resistance perfume Lambre

You should understand that to evaluate the resistance of an aromatic of the formula in the store you can only studied the numbers on paper. After all, this feature is determined only over time and depends on many factors surrounding you:

  • Technology application and place of use of perfume.
  • Time of the year.
  • Environment and on how much it contributes to the disclosure of the composition.
  • Physical characteristics of the skin.
  • The concentrations of flavor.

Что лучше духи или парфюмированная вода Ламбре

It is the concentration of perfume is a key parameter that determines the resistance formula. Today, the standards appear as follows:

  1. Perfume - extract, is included in the order of 25% of the perfume composition dissolved in alcohol (90%).
  2. Eau de parfum. It consists of about 15% aromatic substances in 90% alcohol.
  3. Eau de Toilette. For preparation of 85% used alcohol and aroma ingredients in an amount of 5-15%.
  4. Cologne. In the production of alcohol is used, the fortress which is 70%, and 3-5% of the aromatic component.

As for the nature of the sound product - it remains unchanged, regardless of these factors!

Что лучше духи или парфюмированная вода Ламбре

Perfume and eau de parfum Lambre. Disclosure of flavor

In both cases, the formula is characterized by 3 printed music opening:

  1. The top note. This is the first caused by emotion! For many, one is decisive, however, is that correct? - no! After a few minutes (5-10), you will open a completely different bunch of flavors!
  2. Heart sound. It is the soul of the composition, which you can enjoy up to 3-4 hours. It laid the foundation, the whole point ... And, apparently, it could be the final - but no!
  3. Plume. At this stage, eau de parfum sensuality finds its sound harmonizes the formula and sums up all the above perfumer. The development of this note begins some time after the opening of the heart and the motives for their completion of the last still about 1-2 hours.

In order to more clearly understand the nature of sound or perfume Eau de Parfum, it is necessary to study their composition and to take into account the subtleties of smell all the ingredients.

Characteristic fragrant substances in aromatic products Lambre:

  1. Violet, vanilla, strawberry - warmth and tranquility. They harmonize all around you!
  2. Iris, currants (black) coffee - create some "thick" smell, hot and bright.
  3. Pink, black pepper, grape hyacinth - ingredients that carry joy. It is spicy and bright material filling the corresponding emotions and your image.
  4. Jasmine - brings peace of mind, gives the smell of generosity, warmth and tenderness.
  5. Orange and tangerine - adds sonority perfume. Aromatic product is characterized by its coolness and humidity of the sound.

But what if the perfume or perfumed water substantially blunted or even ceased to be audible. This is a reason!

Dullness olfactory abilities can be explained as follows:

  1. The same Perfume is in your use too long. During this time the body has adapted to it. You just need to change the smell and the problem resolved itself.
  2. Loss of sensitivity to perfumes can also be explained by the presence of "Anosmia" disease. If you find this diagnosis is better to see a specialist.
  3. "Olfactory blindness" can also be caused by the condition of the body in general. Here it is even that hungry people or hungry!
  4. Age - is another factor affecting the sensitivity of the sense of smell.

While, in case you apply to one of the above or not - need to develop the sense of smell! Everybody understands, but how to do it do not know many.

Что лучше духи или парфюмированная вода Ламбре

The development of the olfactory ability of the body

Features of technology:

  1. Look for new flavors ever! Find them and try to determine their nature. It would be better if this process is carried out in the woods, as this place is perfect in terms of the number of different smells.
  2. To exercise better on low aromatic ingredients: soap, wax, resin, flowers, and others. At the same time insulate itself from external irritants.
  3. Learn unfamiliar smells. If you learn to easily distinguish between the flavors, the use of perfume for you to become the best of pleasures!

Regardless of whether you have taken the decision in favor of spirits or considered the best choice perfumed water Lambre - each of these products deserve respectful treatment!

Secrets of perfume and eau de parfum Lambre

  1. Sprayed the contents of the vial can be on various parts of the body, but it is better to do it on your hair.
  2. Aromas can also affect the gems - in contact with them, aromatic liquid, stones can change its color (it is a pearl and amber).
  3. Fur and wool - the most "friendly" fabric to perfume compositions.
  4. Lambre Aroma is always moving upwards. This requires priority spraying perfume on the lower parts of the body.
  5. The character of the sound perfume also depends on your diet! High-calorie foods gives sound intensity, for example.
  6. The manufacturer claims that the contents of the vial can protect their properties 36 months. But practice shows that in the closed state spirits can be stored for much longer!

What is better: a perfume or eau de parfum Lambre "It is an individual choice that will help to make online store management company in Ukraine: 063 05734-77, 096 76845-42 or 050 02211-69.

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