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Correcting serum with vitamin C - Morning miracle

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Correcting Serum with Vitamin C - Morning miracle - a revolutionary means of Lambre, care for the skin of your face throughout the day. The result of its application will be visible already after the first time, a daily regular use will ensure the effective protection of the skin.

Read more about the action of correcting the serum vitamin C - Morning miracle:

  1. It helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles.
  2. Lightens pigmented spots, provide the skin surface radiant effect.
  3. Immediately and permanently moisturizes the skin.
  4. It leaves behind a velvety feeling.

Composition correcting serum Morning miracle:

  1. Vitamin C. It is implemented in kind. The component is protected from the destructive processes in the investigation of biotechnological hydrolysis.
  2. Aquaxul. Apply for a regenerating and moisturizing effect.
  3. Lanol-99. This component is responsible for the softness and smoothness of the skin.

Drawing of correcting the serum vitamin C - Morning miracle:

  • An ideal choice for use under makeup.
  • Skin must first be thoroughly cleaned with the help of special tools.
  • Optimal use time: sutra and in the evening.

Volume: 20 ml.


Type of Cream: 
For Face
Antiage, Whitening, Moistening
Тип кожи: 
Жирная, Комбинированная, Нормальная, Проблемная, Сухая, Чувствительная
Series of Creams: 
Intensive Line
Возраст (диапазон): 
From 30 to 45 years, From 45 years


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Процентной концентрации нет, но тут я так понимаю витамина с и лимонной кислоты больше всего. Эффект отбеливания есть, но очень мягкий. Хорошо убирает дополнительно отечность с утра, при том что увлажняет кожу.