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Gold Amber Men Lambre

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New exclusive fragrance nominal Gold amber men (Lambre) developed and came into the market in anticipation of the New Year 2015.

Men's eau de toilette carries all the heat of the southern countries, represents hearth fireplace with a strong man's shoulder. Perfume unique combination of its bold sweetness, wood and spices. She could hear the notes of juniper and cinnamon.

It possess a luxurious man loves to do brave deeds, sometimes unreasonable, but at the same time emphasizing his animal nature of a true male.
It refers to the persistent and stub. It is preferable for the more mature age for wealthy men after 35 years.

  • Description: Woody.
  • Top notes: rose, vanilla, saffron.
  • Heart sounds: grapefruit, juniper, cinnamon, cedar.
  • Trail: incense, cardamom, vetiver.


Lambre Groupe International
Семейство ароматов: 
Vanilla, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Cardamon, Cedar, Cinnamon, Incense, Juniper, Rose, Saffron


Голд Ламбре's picture

Красивый шлейфный дорогой запах. Кедр, корица- очень понравился.

Гость's picture

Нюхала нишу кедр, один в один! Запах хвойных,понравился всем

Гость's picture

Очень приятный. Даёт ощущение тепла и уюта, так и тянет к этому запаху. Очень стойкий и шлеф дорогой! Хоть бери сама пользуйся...