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Louis Lambre

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Eau de toilette Louis (year of manufacture 2013) was developed by perfumer Irene Farmachidi from France specifically for the company Lambre. The fragrance was created for the daring and confident men. For him, there are no borders and frames it all available, all he seeks. It is the individual person to freedom of thought and daring solutions. His life - a rhythm, pulse, dynamics and surprises and once again surprises that life brings... He appreciates life, making it a unique, inimitable style.

  • Fragrance family: woody, herbaceous.
  • The nature of aroma: fresh.
  • Initial sounds: grapefruit, basil, mint.
  • Heart sounds: thyme, pepper, lavender.
  • Stub notes: cedar, vetiver, tonka bean.


Lambre Groupe International
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Woody, Grassy, Fresh
Basil, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Cedar, Lavender, Mint, Pepper, Thyme


Лилия's picture

Запах мужественности. Подарила папе, всем понравился, не сладкий, не навязчивый. При этом стойкость высокая.