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Description of fragrances Lambre (a set of cards)

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Описание ароматов Ламбре (набор карточек)
86,83 грн

Description of fragrances Lambre is a set of cards on which the pyramid of sounding of each of the smells in the assortment of the company is described in detail. Descriptive maps will be a convenient assistant for you and will allow you to more easily navigate the musical notes of a particular perfume from the Lambre collection.

Features of a set of cards describing the aromas of Lambre:

  1. Number in the set: 52 male and female fragrances.
  2. Content: a brief description of the smell, as well as the dominant notes that sound at each of the stages of opening the perfume (beginning, "heart" and trail).
  3. Date of issue of the fragrance.


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