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Choosing a cream for the face Lambre

Выбор крема Ламбре для лица

Today it is difficult to find a woman who does not have in its use of a tube of cream. This tool can carefully look after, protect and effectively serve as the basis for make-up. But in order to provide the most effective, not only to buy the most expensive face cream and expect it magic!

Professional choice for the face cream

The urgency of this question is more than justified, because of the product on which we focus the choice will depend on the health and beauty of our skin!

Choosing a face cream for skin type

Other features of the skin - it means different needs! That is why the real question is so important. We consider each of these cases:

  1. Normal. For many women, this skin can be only in dreams. After all, she is healthy, elastic, eliminates shine, it is not characteristic of many other defety. If you are a happy owner of a normal skin, the cream choice may seem a daunting task for you. Recommended use Serey Lambre products: «Olive Oil Line».
  2. Dry. This type is one of the most demanding. Dry epidermis butting rapid aging, and peeling, it is also very sensitive to the external environment. It may be advisable to funds that have moisturizing and soothing properties. The collection of Lambre - a series Pearl «Pearl Line».
  3. Oily. It requires care all day. This skin is prone to facial acne, it is characteristic shine, inflammation and black dots. To ensure proper care is necessary to make a choice in favor of soothing and anti-inflammatory products Lambre: «TTO Line», «Pearl Line» and others.
  4. Combined. This is the most common type of skin, its main characteristic is the shine in the nose area, chin and forehead. As part of caring creams welcome herbal ingredients (chamomile, calendula).

Choosing a face cream for age

Different age skin has its own peculiarities and requires a unique approach. This point is also not to be ignored! Age categories Lambre products:

  • Up to 30 years - it means having a light consistency. The composition also welcome vitamin substances that prevent early wrinkles, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory components. The most suitable for this series will be a line of skin products with olive oil «Olive Oil Line».
  • 30-45 years - the choice is to turn in favor of face creams Lambre eliminating appeared wrinkles, improves elasticity and improve elasticity. Such products include Lambre line: «Ultra Hyaluronic Line» (with hyaluronic acid), «Evermatting Line» and others.
  • 45+ - require regular use of anti-aging facial Lambre. In their composition must include vitamin complexes and liposome substances. With their help, we are able to smooth out wrinkles. We recommend the following series of creams: «DNA-Shot Line» (with black caviar) and «Intensive Line».

Selecting a face cream Lambre according to the season:

  1. In winter, the skin needs extra support vitamin complexes and qualitative moisture. The best effect from using facial creams in winter will be achieved by applying them for 1-2 hours prior to exposure to cold air.
  2. In the summer, even the most oily skin susceptible to drying. Therefore, the relevance in the present period, gaining products on helium and oil-based.

Selection of cream packaging Lambre

Container, which is placed in a formula may have different volumes and shapes. Each of them requires compliance with its rules of use. For example, the contents of the jar must be extracted only by a specially blades of wood or plastic rather than fingers. Otherwise, we are brought to the bacteria, and the product unusable.

Tubes are an order of magnitude more practical - they are equipped with a dispenser that makes it easy to remove the desired portion, excluding the contents of contact with oxygen and hands.

As for the labels, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Manufacturer's name
  • Address and contact details of the manufacturer
  • The bar code of the country in which the product was produced
  • Date of manufacture and production
  • Information about the composition and volume

Having all the data says about the authenticity of the purchased goods! Separate components are also worth exploring the ingredients of purchased goods.

The composition of the cream for the face of the Lambre

Most of the funds presented in the catalog of care include:

  • Mineral salts - components that support the acid-base balance (hydration).
  • Vitamin complexes - are responsible for the nutritional processes, as well as safety.
  • Natural extracts and esters - energy, appearance, power, regenerative processes, improve blood circulation, etc.
  • Fragrances - are added to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Preservatives - provide protection against pathogenic bacteria and prolong the life of face cream Lambre.
  • Emulsifiers - create a uniform consistency. Thanks to this component of the contents of a jar / tube does not separate and does not give off any excess liquid.

No matter how much we have not talked about how it is and taking into account what criteria to make a choice when buying cosmetics Lambre, this information will still be enough! That is why we offer you our assistance over the phone! Contact phone numbers online store Lambre: 0500221169, 0630573477 or 0967684542.

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