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Olive oil eye cream

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Olive oil eye cream developed for the delicate area around the eyes, for the purpose of moistening and calming effect. Hypoallergenic complex based on olive oil and lavender has a draining effect. It stimulates blood circulation, activates the excretion of excess fluid from the skin cells. The texture of the cream allows it absorbs quickly, leaving no trace, and feeling the presence of fat. Suitable for the subsequent application of makeup immediately after using the cream.

Regular application of the cream for the skin around the eyes with extra virgin olive oil is guaranteed:

  • eliminate irritation in the eye area;
  • relieves swelling;
  • desensitizes;
  • increases elasticity;
  • It improves blood flow to the eye area;
  • smoothes wrinkles.

Method of application: Suitable for everyday use both during the day and evening. Apply a light massage on cleansed skin around the eyes in the direction from the nose to the ear, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane of the eye.

Volume: 15ml.

Крем для кожи вокруг глаз с оливковым маслом


Type of Cream: 
For Face
Nourish, Moistening
Тип кожи: 
Нормальная, Сухая, Чувствительная
Series of Creams: 
Olive Oil Line
Возраст (диапазон): 
Up to 30 years
Eye cream


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Глаза... - моя "проблемная" зона, впрочем как и у многих. Испробовала я много чего (и продуктов Ламбре и изделия других производителей), но выделить могу только оливку! ДНА серия тоже понравилась, но вот почему-то к оливковой склоняюсь больше. Отечность, раздражения... все это как было, так и исчезло!