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Selecting Lambre cream for oily and combination skin

Выбор крема Ламбре для жирной и комбинированной кожи

Oily and combination skin, perhaps the most capricious of all other types. This entails the formation of the following issues:

  1. What is better to choose cream for day procedures, and which for the night?
  2. How to Buy a high-quality anti-aging cream is safe for the skin?
  3. How to choose the right tool for the prevention of acne without drying while the top layer?
  4. The first and foremost when choosing a cream for oily and combination skin types?

Considering this topic in more detail, we should start with what is proper for the problems with the integument observed.

Features of oily and combination skin

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Although the aging of oily skin significantly slowed compared to dry or normal, this type has a number of significant drawbacks:

  1. Prone to acne.
  2. Characterized by high shine and enlarged pores.
  3. The presence of black dots.
  4. Frequent irritation and rashes.

First signs: when applying make-up (a few hours) was observed on the surface shine.

Main of the combined type

It is also called mixed skin type. Its characterizing features are:

  1. Excessive production of fat. This applies to such areas of the face like the forehead, chin and nose.
  2. The skin on his cheeks is dry or normal.
  3. It requires the use of products for different skin types.

Looking at all this, it matures the following question: "How to take into account all of this and make a choice in favor of the" right "means?". The answer to this provides Lambre!

Selecting Lambre cream for oily skin

Taking into account all the shortcomings of the epidermis, should pay attention to multiple groups Lambre products:

  1. Moisturizing and nourishing. Such goods are always relevant, and our case is no exception! Such products will stop the inflammatory processes, as well as fill the empty reserves of vitamins. With this task perfectly cope funds from Lambre series Clean & Care, namely cream exfoliating facial or olive oil soap "Aleppo".
  2. Matting and protection. With the help of funds from this line Lambre will be able to remove the unhealthy complexion and protect the skin in all weathers! This is a «Evermatting Line» series.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. Simplify the fight against acne and acne cream is able to peel for the face «Grape Peeling» from Lambre.

Choosing a cream Lambre for combination skin

In this regard it is important to focus on 3 main points:

  1. Washing. There will be actual gels and foams from Lambre. Products suitable for both combined, and for normal skin. The main requirement - the absence of alcohol in the composition!
  2. Cleansing. Complete Care also can not be achieved without the combined type scrub Lambre. It should not be used more than 3 times per week. Scrubs Lambre - sensitive that do not contain coarse abrasives, alkali and alcohol.
  3. Moisturize. This is required not only to dry areas, but also fatty. Qualitatively moisturize skin peeling cream will benefit from Lambre «Grape Peeling».

Selection should also be based on how you get the product for daytime or evening use. After all, the composition of such products will vary dramatically.

Terms of care for oily and combination skin

Age Purpose cream Reduced production of the sebaceous glands Smoothing of small mimic wrinkles
up to 30 years cleaning Оливковое мыло "Aleppo"Абсорбирующая маска для лица - Absorbent MaskКрем-пилинг для лица - Grape PeelingГель для проблемной кожи - TTO gelТоник для проблемной кожи - ТТО tonic -
basic care Крем-гель против угревой сыпи - TTO cream -
active care Масло чайного дерева - TTO Tea Tree Oil -
after 30 years cleaning Оливковое мыло "Aleppo"Абсорбирующая маска для лица - Absorbent MaskКрем-пилинг для лица - Grape PeelingМицеллярная жидкость для снятия макияжа - Micellar Cleansing Water -
basic care Матирующий дневной крем - Matting Day CreamНочной крем для лица и кожи вокруг глаз - Nourishing Night and Under Eye Cream Матирующий дневной крем - Matting Day CreamНочной крем для лица и кожи вокруг глаз - Nourishing Night and Under Eye Cream
active care Масло чайного дерева - TTO Tea Tree Oil Корректирующая сыворотка с витамином С - Morning miracleРазглаживающая сыворотка с гиалуроновой кислотой - Ultra Hyaluronic exclusive face serum

General recommendations when selecting creams Lambre:

  1. Study reviews of the cream, analyze the positive and negative qualities of the product.
  2. The purchased goods must be certified and tested under appropriate conditions.
  3. Efficiency means largely defined by its expiry date.
  4. Packaging should contain the inscription "For oily skin" or similar.
  5. Analyze the composition: it does not contain substances that can affect the allergic manifestations.

Cream Lambre - a perfect quality and efficiency, but they also require compliance with certain rules when using!

Матирующий крем Lambre

Terms of use creams Lambre:

  1. Feel free to experiment! Change both the product and the amount of material applied to the surface of the face and body.
  2. In the heat of summer is better to use a light serum from Lambre.
  3. When severe frosts urgent is high density cream.
  4. If you observe the formation of too many spots - use the contents of the tube less.
  5. When dry skin should increase the frequency of application Lambre creams.

In order to verify the efficacy and safety of products, we offer more acquainted with the cream composition.

The chemical composition of Lambre cream for oily and combination skin:

  1. Caffeine - helps to narrow pores.
  2. Salicylic Acid - drying, eliminating the effect of the greasy shine.
  3. Niacinamide - a guarantee of the absence of stimuli.
  4. Vitamins - a complete make-up tissues.
  5. Medicinal plants (their extracts) - calming effect.

Read more about the intricacies of choosing and using Lambre creams for oily and combination skin, consult with the managers of our online store in Ukraine: 063 057 34 77 096 768 45 42 or 050 022 11 69.

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