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Nourishing night and under eye cream

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Nourishing night and under eye cream matting series creams Lambre «Evermatting Line» is intended for the care of combination and oily skin. Designed for skin care during the night by providing regular protection and skin nourishment. Active current component is argan oil provides deep hydration while simultaneously neutralizing free radicals. It is also a source of vitamins. Hyalurosmooth component - plant analogue of hyaluronic acid provides a smoothing of wrinkles and deep hydration of the skin and eye.

Regular use of a night cream Lambre series Evermatting Line promotes:

  • improve the appearance of the skin;
  • lightening dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, removal;
  • activating the healing of minor skin damage;
  • reduction in the incidence of inflammatory processes.

Mode of application «Nourishing night and under eye cream» :
Apply a daily massage in the evening on the face and eye area, previously cleaned. Avoid contact with cosmetic products to eyes. As under the eye cream can be used during the day and evening.

Volume: 50 ml.

Ночной крем для лица и кожи вокруг глаз


Type of Cream: 
For Face
Matting, Nourish
Тип кожи: 
Жирная, Комбинированная
Series of Creams: 
Evermatting Line
Возраст (диапазон): 
From 30 to 45 years, From 45 years
Eye cream, Night cream


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Очень классный крем,выполняет все свои функции.Покупкой довольна!