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Tonal basis with shine effect Lambre

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  • Make Up Brillance (30ml)

Make Up Brillance - tonal basis with shine effect of Lambre! This cosmetic product, characterized by easy application, the absence of tightening effect on the skin of the face, as well as a choice of shade as much as possible an appropriate tone of your skin:

  1. Sand (sand shade).
  2. Caramel (caramel color).
  3. Biscuit (biscuit tone).

The effect of the tonal framework with flickering particles of Lambre «Make Up Brillance»

  1. Smoothing of the epidermis and the alignment of its tone.
  2. High-quality and nutritious food.
  3. Creating the effect of the natural radiance and leveling of fatigue signs.
  4. Effective moisturizing the skin.

Active composition tonal framework with flickering particles of Lambre «Make Up Brillance»

  • Vitamin E - "vitamin of youth".
  • Panthenol - soothing skin component.
  • Pentavitrin - protection against skin drying out by its quality humidification.

Application of tonal framework with shine effect can be carried out, regardless of your skin type. This creamy formula to extract from the tube should slightly push it and then apply foundation to cleansed face. It is important to pre-degrease the skin, especially if fat cream was applied to the Make Up Brillance.



Decorative Cosmetics: 
Foundation, Face

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Гость's picture

Нормальная тоналка! А всем не угодишь. Спасибо магазину за оперативность!

Марианна 22's picture

Хорошо закрашивает кожу, но не матирует..есть блеск лёгкий,плюс сами блёстки..в общем на выпускной, праздник, но не повседневный макияж.

Гость's picture

Люрекс понравился. Легкие блёстки - прикольные. Но чего то она не осветляет) брала тон 3.

Гость's picture

Тоналка плотнее, чем хотелось бы. Цвет номер 1 хороший. Подойдет больше для сухой кожи. Эффект матирования не выражен.