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Lightening cream with pearl extract Pearl Light Cream

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Pearl Light Cream - it's rejuvenating and smoothing cream with extract of white pearls from Lambre! With this cosmetic product you let your skin shine with health and beauty.

The effect of the use of lightening cream with pearl extract Pearl Light Cream

Also the basic functions of cream pearl above, it should be noted efficacy issues:

  1. Meals skin and its moisture for a long time.
  2. Improving skin tone.
  3. Regulation topsheet metabolism.
  4. Improving the sustainability of a protective barrier to external stimuli.

The active components in lightening cream with pearl extract Pearl Light Cream:

  1. Pearl Extract - maintaining the level of hydration, protection, increased elasticity, and stimulation of regenerative processes.
  2. Vitamin A - promotes the formation of new collagen fibers, but also slows actinic epithelial tissue.
  3. Vitamin E - slows down skin aging, deeply nourishes and increases the elasticity level.
  4. Vitamin F - the regulation of metabolic processes.
  5. Shea Butter - UV protection, food quality smoothing, as well as preventing skin dryness.
  6. Moist 24 - component, contributing to the delay and the rational use of water in the cells.
  7. Passion fruit extract - eliminating dryness, calm and restore skin.
  8. Squalene - elasticity, softness and moisture of the skin.

Terms of use: application of pearl lightening cream is important to do after cleansing procedure. This lightness and tenderness consistency of the product will allow to put a thin and uniform layer on the surface of the skin! Using Pearl Light Cream can be carried out in the morning and evening daily care regime.

Volume: 80 ml.


Type of Cream: 
For Face
Whitening, Moistening
Тип кожи: 
Комбинированная, Нормальная, Проблемная, Сухая, Чувствительная
Series of Creams: 
Pearl Line
Возраст (диапазон): 
Up to 30 years, From 30 to 45 years
Daily cream


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Отличный крем-увлажнение,бархатистость.Супер.Пользуюсь 3 месяца

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